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The Artscape

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The Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, belongs to the provincial administration and was opened on 19 May 1971 as the “Nico Malan Theatre Centre”.

It was renamed to “Artscape” in March 2001. Shooting their official video profile for Skybok was an honour!

I personally love the Artscape and I try go see as many shows as possible there. Not to mention that I love meeting all these fantastic people behind-the-scenes who are involved in keeping everything running smoothly!

Editing for hours on end and recording all the voice overs becomes so worthwhile when the final product in done and I watch the profile of whatever venue I am busy with… whether it’s a wine farm, golf estate, nightclub, restaurant, coffee shop, hotel, school, resort or this – a theatre, as well as a point of interest, thanks to it’s huge role in the history of the Western Cape.

A big smile spreads across my face when I know I’ve done a venue justice. One of those instances was when I completed The Artscape. Thank you to everyone there for being professional, efficient and co-operative as we all collaborated to make this happen.

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