Skybok Productions is an award-winning Production Company from Cape Town, South Africa, now in Austin, Texas.

Successful because of its innovative belief that short video profiles make the most impact, Skybok has achieved international acclaim – having been recognized for its success in South Africa + having received press in the American Film Market 2015 Compendium of International Production Executive Services.

With the concept that any part of our world can be profiled in short, powerful clips, the Skybok team enjoy travelling + meeting new clients + assessing their needs.

A video profile is a short, 1-2 minute video clip showcasing something in an informative way. Typically it includes music + voice narration,  producing the perfect audio-visual advert.


Popular Profiles

Business Profiles

Over the past 8 years, we have built up a portfolio of over 200 professionally-shot video showcases of businesses throughout South Africa. We have vast experience in filming colorful, edgy PR clips of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, nightclubs, hotels + points of interest such as golf estates, game reserves + theaters. We also have a long list of corporate clients who recognized the value of video long before it became as popular as it has today! Complete with music + an audio narrative talking viewers through your venue, as is Skybok’s signature format, these short clips are perfect for social media and digital marketing- offering the story of your businesses through video.

Travel + Destination Profiles

When it comes to tourists exploring a new area, nothing beats a short video clip of your venue to stand out from competition. Wine farms, museums, aquariums, zoos, animal sanctuaries, heritage sites + various points of interest  can benefit from a short video clip to embed on a website, blog, newsletter or to send in emails to potential visitors + community members. They’re short, immersive + catchy. Videos tell the whole story + showcase your venue in the best possible light.

Personal Profiles

As a business owner, artist, singer, author, freelance creative or any type of entrepreneur, a video profile is the perfect marketing tool! Activists, politicians + and people with a cause or their own “brand” may like to have something produced that can spread the word easier than expensive, drawn out campaigns using other types of out-dated media. In this digital age, video is a great marketing tool to help your customers learn more about you + connect with your personality.

Why Join Our Family?

Whatever you want showcased, by getting a professional video profile done with Skybok, you receive an outstanding clip for use in all your online marketing.

A short, 1-2 minute shareable video is sure to tell the story in a way that’s edgy + captivating. Our music is copyright-free, for use in both commercial + private use. You join our online database of videos + marketing through our channels, which are a free public resource for anyone to access and enjoy! Please take a look at our YouTube channel

Photos only tell half the story; experience has shown us that a video gives viewers a complete overview of an establishment, while adding that personal touch.

Why The Passion?

We love telling stories through video. We believe our service provides an invaluable tool, and a very practical solution to boost awareness, grow visibilty, increase sales + cultivate a following in a social media age.

Our Awards

Skybok was recently honoured with an award as a finalist at the Business Women of South Africa’s Regional Business Achiever’s Awards in Cape Town!

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