The Filming Experience


Once you’ve booked your shoot, we’ll talk about what you want from this video profile. Can you visualise embedding it on your website? Where else will you display this video showcase? The contact form here asks some of these questions + more (to accurately give you a quote).

With each shoot, the aim is to create a visually compelling piece about you. It that can be displayed as a custom piece of online marketing + PR, anywhere you like.

We also offer add-on services, such as getting  a photographer for you to shoot behind-the-scenes while we film. Or hiring actors + models for your brand’s video. We can add voice over narration + a certain type of music. If you like, we can scout the perfect location just for you! All we need are a few details about you.

A Crash Course in Visuals

For businesses + venues, think about polishing up your spaces. How about some fresh flowers? How about some strategically placed magazines? A jug of ice cold water on your desk? Make sure all the rooms are neat and looking their best. Make sure your staff are in their best outfits. Tidy up and ensure the styling of your location is exactly how you want in your video. For personal or creative profiles of people, think carefully about your outfits, styling and location. It’s amazing the difference a well-chosen piece of jewelry will make.

Your ideas are welcome. Browse around on Pinterest to find some ideas that appeal to you. Share these ideas with me so that I can be prepared for our creative consultation. I love to create something authentic + incorporate my own style of filming + editing into the shoot. This includes music – if there’s a specific mood you want to capture in your exposé, tell me + let’s explore options. If you have a friend in the music world with a track you love, with his/her permission we can use that in your video.

Make sure you have a look at Skybok’s most recent shoots and decide what you like about the style. Do you like close ups, angles, tight-shots, food shots etc.? We can definitely work within your personal tastes.


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