Skybok Partners With Amigos Internacionales

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Skybok has been providing Social Media Management + Marketing Services to Amigos Internacionales – a Non-Profit based out of Commerce, Texas. One of their many projects focuses on providing a children’s home to house children rescued from sex trafficking.

For more, see: https://www.amigosii.org/orphanages-for-ugandan-children



Ogul Village Restoration Project: https://www.amigosii.org/ogul-village-restoration-project

Open Hands Academy School: https://www.amigosii.org/sponsor-a-school

Bringing Water To Gulu: https://www.amigosii.org/water-for-gulu

Our Podcasts: https://anchor.fm/amigosii

Our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amigosii/

Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amigosworldwide

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A Video Showcase of Altstadt Brewery

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Altstadt Brewery Texas

Skybok recently filmed the video profile of a new brewery in Fredericksburg, Texas. Altstadt Brewery also wanted videos on both the history of the German “Purity Laws” also known as the “The Reinheitsgebot” according to which they brew their beer, and an explainer video on the difference between Lager +Kölsch. Altstadt has a growing community on Facebook + Twitter, where the videos have been well-received by patrons. The videos are also up on Skybok’s YouTube Channel here. Skybok did some great shoots of the facility, and took some candid photos of the six packs amidst the iconic wildflowers of the Texan Hill Country. Camera: Canon Rebel T5 + iPhone 7 Plus with Depth Effect.

Altstadt Brewery Texas

Altstadt Brewery Texas

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Michelle Benjamin Digital Artist

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Michelle Benjamin Blue Rhino
“Blue Rhino” by Michelle Benjamin has become the global icon for Rhino Activism. It was auctioned last year in London for Save The Rhino International at the Prince Albert Suite in the London Zoo. It was also exhibited on a 25 storey billboard in Times Square this year.

Skybok welcomes talks with potential client Michelle Benjamin, a prominent South African artist whose artwork “Blue Rhino” has become the global icon for rhino activism. It’s been exhibited in Pretoria, Durban, London, Italy, France + New York. With a following in 40 countries worldwide, it was recently auctioned in London for Save The Rhino International. Earlier this year it was exhibited on a 25 storey billboard in Times Square, New York!

Some things Michelle has been involved with

+ Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization.

+ The African American Museum in Dallas, Texas. Her piece “Madiba” will join their private collection.

+ Reach For A Dream Foundation. Her piece “Eesha’s Journey” was donated to them for auction in 2013 and all proceeds went toward fulfilling the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses.

+ Paul Baloche. This world renowned Gospel musician, singer, songwriter owns an edition of “Blue Rhino” in his private collection.

+ Radiant Hope Foundation, part of Living Flame Ministries, who auctioned her collection “Vyrna-Lee Rose” in 2014. All proceeds were donated towards empowering and healing disadvantaged communities.

Some facts about her work

+ Her “It’s My Horn” + “Blue Rhino” artworks were auctioned in London for Save The Rhino International at the Prince Albert Suite, London Zoo, in 2013. All proceeds were donated toward the fight against rhino poaching.

+ Her “5 Cities” Collection was showcased at the Blue Sky Exhibition at Soho Art House, New York.

+ Her “Whose Keeping Score” contribution for the US Superbowl was exhibited there in 2013.

+ She has exhibited at the “Altered States of Reality” Exhibition in Chelsea, New York.

+ She has exhibited at the Soho Gallery For Digital Art in New York at the “Steampunk Burlesque & Exhibition Fundraiser For Coney Island”, where proceeds went towards the recovery of devastation from Hurricane Sandy.

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