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Navigating This Site + More

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Hey! Just a shout out on how to navigate this site.

If you’re a client, click on the pages along the top for information on the filming process:

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If you’re a reader, interesting places to click for posts on projects are:

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A Crash Course in Visuals

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This piece originally appeared on our page “The Filming Experience

You’d be surprised to learn that many of our clients are unsure about how to set up their spaces to best show off their brands. They don’t realise that they don’t need to hire a set designer to do this, they can be their own set designer with some basic tips:

Polishing Up Spaces With Flowers

+ How about some fresh flowers?

+ How about some strategically placed magazines?

+ A jug of ice cold water on your desk?

+ Make sure all the rooms are neat and looking their best.

+ Make sure your staff are in their best outfits.

+ Tidy up and ensure the styling of your location is exactly how you want in your video.

Outfits + Location

For personal profiles, think carefully about your outfits, styling + location.

+ Try wear the clothing that best showcases your brand (yoga instructor = pick a typical yoga outfit. personal trainer = a gym outfit. If you’re a real estate agent = a business suit. If you’re a freelance creative = wear something that says you take yourself seriously. A business owner = your company tshirt)

+ Fork out some cash to get your hair done at a salon for the shoot

+ Choose bright colors because they translate well on camera

+ It’s amazing the difference a well-chosen piece of jewelry can make

+ Choosing an  outdoor location offers natural light

+ Choosing an indoor location with windows offers natural light

The Mood of Your Video

Your ideas are welcome in every video. Browse around our Skybok Pinterest to find some ideas that appeal to you. Share these ideas with me so that I can be prepared for our creative consultation.

I love to create something authentic + incorporate my own style of filming + editing into the shoot. If you want music, maybe there’s a specific mood you want to capture in your showcase. Tell me + let’s explore options.

What always works well is if you have a friend in the music world with a track you love, with his/her permission we can use that in your video!

Shots You Like

Make sure you have a look at Skybok’s most recent shoots and decide what you like about the style. Do you like close ups, angles, tight-shots, food shots etc.? We can definitely work within your personal tastes.

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Celebrate Your African Heritage By Giving Back

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Skybok has helped tell the story of some great charities in South Africa.

A great way to salute your African heritage is to give back to outreach organizations in Africa.

Here are a few videos of organizations + projects we have been involved with.

A new venture I’ve launched in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa, is actually in something other than Film or Media. It’s in fashion!

We are selling traditional African looks for under $150. Made by local South African designers + tailors, each outfit is hand-stitched. The fabrics + accessories are picked out carefully for their symbolic relevance + beauty. A % of every look sold will go back to a charity in South Africa. Check out the site here.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions. Leave a comment below or scoot over to our Facebook page.


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Showcasing Diamond Nugget Band

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Carlos De La Rosa is the lead vocalist, guitar player + song writer for rock band “Diamond Nugget” from Mexico. He was recently touring Texas + played at The Continental Club in Austin.

All in all, this took 3 hours to shoot. We needed the right light at dusk, plus a few evening shots of him on stage.

He’s got a following of 43,000+ on Facebook. Check out his page here.

Carlos wanted shots of him in + around the streets of Austin with the State Capitol in the background.

Another musician, I’m enjoying this! :)

Check out more behind-the-scenes from this project on Skybok’s Facebook page here.

Skybok is also on Instagram here.

I’d love to hear from you!

1 (7)
A gorgeous scene at The Continental Club
1 (8)
Carlos holds a Sony XA10 in the dusk (some city scape behind us)
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A Musical Act

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A Video Profile Shot on a local singer here in Austin.

A cool experience! I always learn more + more with every job. This is my second music video type shoot (the first was for a band Leopold + His Fiction for their debut album).

Argyll wanted something more personal, to showcase an intimate setting; a more behind-the-scenes feel that allowed him to connect more personally with his fan base.

While we offer a range of professional, full-scale services to clients to showcase their brand, not everyone wants the same thing. Some people want alternate takes on their projects to suit their audience. We will cater to you! Skybok can also organize a professional photographer to come through on the day of your shoot + capture you on set. If you want actors or models in your profile, we can organize that also.

Customizable quotes available to suit whatever your specific needs are here.

What do you think? If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

1 (2)
Argyll in the recording studio
1 (4)
Myself, Argyll + His Wife Dorothy
1 (5)
A Professional Photographer Captures the Scene for Argyll
1 (3)
A cool portrait of Argyll in studio!
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A Web Series For Health Professionals

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This is a web series I’ve launched for a client who is wanting to build a community for his start up, “Water Elephant“.

Take a look at the videos we shot with a fellow Austin health professional who has her own company in nutrition, fitness, health, yoga.

I filmed + edited this, and created the animation intro. So far we have two episodes!

Let me know what you think!

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Why Filming Coffee Shops is Great

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Filming coffee shops is great because you catch people on a caffeine high and everyone wants to be on camera!

Usually, filming in certain venues requires some sort of permission grant signed by whoever is being filmed, like a release form, so they can’t turn around and sue you when the video ends up on the internet. Luckily, I’m very diligent with getting release forms signed.

But even with that, it’s always tricky filming the people on location because they are often suspicious of your intentions and can suddenly become quite alarmed.

How most places handle this uncomfortable issue is they put up a sign notifying the patrons there is a film shoot going on. Basically, such a sign puts them at ease by informing people on their way into the venue. It also waives any responsibility legally on behalf of the venue because it means anyone who is there has been ‘told’. And by being told, they’re indirectly giving their consent to be filmed. Unless they explicitly object, the venue assumes they are happy with it. If they’re not happy with it, it’s their responsibility to get out of the shot or ask the filmmaker to exclude them from the shot.

It’s a great way to get around the problem.

Though, for some reason, coffee shops are always less likely to be fussy.

Everyone is there meeting friends or having little business meetings or church gatherings, so it’s not like a Hollywood production. Putting up signs everywhere almost never has to happen because no one ever really has an issue (at least in my experience). And, if they do, it’s easy enough for them to come up and tell you.

I think today in general, people are becoming more relaxed anyway. I’m realizing this because with all the social media going on, there are so many people besides the professionals who are raising a camera for social reasons. The atmosphere is more personal and there’s a striking kind of trust fueled with adrenaline and excitement.

Skybok has filmed dozens of coffee shops in South Africa, here are some of my favorites below. Enjoy!


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Music Venues We Loved Filming

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The South African music scene has evolved so much in the last decade. I personally love listening to one of our top DJ’s, ‘Euphonik’. Check out my Spotify playlist of South African artists to hear his sound along with many others.

Skybok was fortunate to film some incredible music venues that contributed to the country’s music scene by providing platforms for local artists to reach new audiences + connect with old ones.

Here are stand out places we filmed in various cities:


East London

Cape Town

Port Elizabeth