1 Minute Video of Your Company With Interviews


This is a fantastic way to put a face to a brand! Interviews with experts are fantastic behind-the-scenes tools to show your customers how things are done! Personable, exciting, informative and educational, they show teamwork and add credibility ♥

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Additional information

Company Video with Interviews

– Videography/Cameraman: 4 hours on location
– Director/Producer
– Sound + Lighting Equipment Included for Interviews
– Scriptwriting
– Typically Shot on Location of Business
– Special Effects / Motion Graphics Included
– Product Showcase
– Shot List + Storyboarding
– Video Editing (including Color + Sound Grading)
– Licensed Music (1 track)
– Your logo
– Call to action (website, social channels)
– 1080p HD (High Resolution)

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