Set Design


Whether we book a studio, hire a location or film at your business, having a set designer is imperative to ensure the scene is clean, and the stage is set for the best video possible.



Set design includes things like adding flowers or staging the furniture around the scene we film. Cleaning up the desk, adding colourful objects – we need someone on hand with a unique eye for what looks good on film so we can produce the best video for you.

Good for:

  • Food presentations
  • Interviews on camera
  • Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, event spaces that are naturally busy and need to be tidied up
  • Lawyers and Businessmen
  • Offices and Professional Work Desks that need tidying
  • Outdoor Settings like wine farms or sports clubs where the field needs tidying or chairs need rearranging

Additional information

Set Design

– Staging for 2 hours of videography on location
– 5 props guaranteed to enhance the scene

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