15 Second Catchy Company Promo


Music, text, special effects, graphics, animation, your logo, editing, sound effects.


Don’t underestimate the power of 15 seconds!

We’ll edit the BEST short clip of your business with captions and music to showcase the highlights of your brand!

Good for: LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Intros to Video Series, Vlogs, Blogs, Websites.

Additional information

15 Second Short Company Promo

– Storyboarding
– Editing
– Captions + Titles (you give us 15 words)
– Graphics, Animation, Fun Special Effects
– Licensed Music for commercial use (1 track)
– Sound Effects
– 1080p HD (High Resolution)
– Your Logo
– You give us 15 photos
– You give us 15 seconds' worth of footage

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