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Tamsy Clothing Line Launches!

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Tami Scripps for Tamsy Austin, Texas

Skybok is working with a new + exclusive range of clothing named “TAMSY” – with Skybok Founder Tami at its forefront.

The clothing collaboration will see a spike in direct response marketing, and influencers from across USA, UK + Germany will benefit from real-life exposure in both short-form videos and photos; wearing fantastic apparel pointing to new fashions, trends and discounts offered by Shop LC (based in Austin, Texas). The brand appeals to the everyday person who wants affordable, machine-washable, wearable outfits and who are seeking easy-going daily wear (i.e most people in the world!)

It was created with love – Tamsy’s mission is “Your Purchase Feeds” because every purchase is more than providing a meal to a child in need. It’s about feeding their hearts, minds and futures. Your purchase from Tamsy serves millions! They have a better chance at a successful future.

Read more on our brand’s sustainability here:

You won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home in order to discover new colors for the season and discount prices. Psst! Use “TAMI20” as a discount code when you check out of any Tamsy store online:

You’ll see our influencers working hard! Skybok Founder Tami Scripps being featured this week, get some of the great apparel offered! Follow her on instagram.

She also runs a personal travel blog if you love travel!

Skybok has entered an Influencer Partnership with Shop LC’s “Tamsy”
Skybok + Shop LC
Skybok Productions Founder at Shop LC
Skybok Productions Shop LC
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